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Elan 310
ELAN 310 – A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SAILING BOAT Elan Marine is proud to present a completely new entry model in the sailing boats range for year 2010. The new 310 – featuring a unique combination of twin-rudder steering and T-bulb keel, both not-so-often seen on similar sized boats – marks a giant leap forward for Slovenian boatbuilding company. It is sometimes presumed that the smallest boat in a range is the least important to a Builder. But then again, it is possible to presume many other things in life that prove to be quite wrong. The new Elan 310 is a case in point - the smallest model of the Elan range it might be but it is one borne out of intense effort and scrutiny. Not only will it serve as first rung of the ladder to the Elan range - a lure to tempt new owners into on-going Elan ownership. As such, it is a multi-dimensional project. Researched and developed with the demanding needs in mind, is at one level designed to be sufficiently easy to sail to carry the badge of beginner’s boat, but at another it is sophisticated enough in its sailing qualities to convince passionate sailors that here is an affordable boat that gives them the performance and general scope they might expect to find in a much bigger and more expensive boat. For them it represents an opportunity to meet their desires now without awaiting an economic climate change to unlock their access to the bigger boat they might have thought they needed.

Elan 350
The powerful aft quarters that will give the Elan 350 her power and pace will also engender her with an unrivalled cruising accommodation, with a really spacious aft cabin and generous heads compartment, and an aft stowage locker that will be the envy of many larger cruising yachts. The 350 is very much in tune with the time – namely more speed for less effort – and is expected to make good account of herself in the ever-increasing programme of short-handed sailing events that are springing up. Radical she might seem, but she is still true to her roots. Heart and soul, she is every bit an Elan.

Elan Impression 514
The largest yacht in Elan’s Impression range to date, the Impression 514 is a spacious and stylish yacht designed for leisurely warm-water cruising with family and friends. Below decks the boat is fitted out to the highest standards, with cabins capable of sleeping guests in comfort, while a generous saloon area provides the ideal area for relaxation with its large windows ensuring that it is flooded with natural light when the sun is up and offering excellent views of its surroundings by both day and night. On deck the large cockpit with its twin wheels provides a secure and commanding environment to enjoy the performance of this highly capable yacht while under sail. When at anchor, the transom folds down to reveal the dinghy stored under the rear of the cockpit, and to act as a convenient swimming and barbeque platform. The Impression 514 will delight at sea as well as at rest, with her sleek lines, powerful yet easily handled sail plan and excellent stability, making her a pleasure to sail and giving her exceptional range for those with less time available for cruising than they would wish. The perfect size of boat for those who like to sail with confidence and in comfort, the Impression 514 is guaranteed to be a welcome and popular addition to the sport of warm-water cruising.

Elan 450
Designed by Humphreys Yacht Design the new Elan 450 sets new standards in design and short handed sailing in its class. The elegant Elan 450 builds on success of the redesigned Elan performance range which main features are: open transom, flush hatches on coachroof, open bow pulpit, lines below deck, long length at waterline, pure bow lines, designers hull and deck portlights, bright and spacious interior …

Elan 410
In designing the Elan 410 we set out to create a boat that, while it offers the very best in fast and comfortable cruising, has more than a little racing pedigree that will quicken the pulse of any sailor looking for some excitement out on the start line. While the 410 is the natural successor to the Elan 40, it is in fact a considerably larger boat with over a metre of additional waterline length greatly enhancing her performance as well as her interior volume. The fractional rig gives the spectator an instant clue as to her competitive inclinations, yet for the cruising sailor we have added the option of balancing the powerful mainsail with non-overlapping headsails making her easily managed by a small or family crew. The large wheel again speaks of the racecourse, but it also makes her easy to control for the leisure helmsman who likes to give the autohelm some occasional time off. We also included a combination iron / lead keel with its very low centre of gravity for enhanced stiffness, another attribute that benefits all yachtsmen whatever their preferred kind of sailing. The 410 is instantly recognisable as an Elan with her streamlined coach roof and large cockpit, and to that we have added the feature, usually found on much larger boats, of running all her control lines under the deck to the cockpit to give her a smooth, eye-catching finish both when under sail and at rest in harbour. Down below we have made the best use of the interior volume to provide a comfortable saloon with plenty of space for meals and relaxation, and three double cabins with a choice of layouts in the forward section allow for plenty of privacy for families and guests. We are delighted with the way this project evolved, and are confident that the graceful and versatile sailing yacht that resulted will give a great deal of pleasure to sailors however they choose to enjoy their time spent on the water. We believe she really extends the ethos we have been trying to define for the Elan range, exuding power but with finger-tip sensitivity. If she were a vehicle she would be described as a driver’s car, but no passenger would complain.

Elan 380
Elan 380 is a new high performance cruiser designed to capture the spirit of the performance oriented sailor and at the same time offering comfortable cruising in style for his family or friends. Elan 380 is unmistakable an Elan performance yacht. She features the same outstanding characteristics as the other Elan performance yachts. Her elegant and refined lines with clean decks maximizing the freedom and safe movement on board. Side view of the new Elan 380 with exceptional length at waterline and designers hull and deck portlights are just details making her look aesthetic and harmonious. Open transom with efficient cockpit layout designed to fulfil the needs of racing crew as well the ease of handling while shorthanded cruising. All lines including German mainsheet system under deck led back to cockpit to powerful self-tailing winches accompanied with large diameter wheel for full the control and optimum sailing performance. Elan sailing yachts come with a prestigious pedigree that is a promise of excellence and a commitment to quality throughout.

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